At Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre we are focused on creating a sustainable future for our business by reducing our carbon footprint through reducing waste, energy and water usage.

Please take some time to review how you can help support us achieve our goals

Pitlochry’s bus and train station are within walking distance of the centre and there is plenty of space to store your bike on our outdoor rack, why not have a family day out and leave the car at home!

Please respect nature by not littering, guard against fire and use foot and cycle paths responsibly.

While lifts are required for some visitors, please use the stairs when possible. This not only increases your step count but it reduces energy used to power the lift.

We’re happy to fill up your reusable water bottle with good old Scottish tap water. Just ask us in the café. Reduce, Reuse,

If we offer you a plastic bag, feel free to say no thanks! Remember to reuse and also pass on any leaflets you have finished with too.

Shop Local
There are lots of unique local suppliers in Pitlochry from food and drink to arts and crafts. Please support them and get a flavour of Scotland at the same time!

Support Green Tourism
There are lots of businesses across the UK committed to reducing their environmental impact. See for more information and support those businesses if you visit nearby.

Environmental issues are always evolving.  If you can think of anything else, we should be doing please let us know!