As part of the SSE group we are committed to being a sustainable, responsible, and environmentally friendly organisation.

Our team

Our Green Team have developed a set of ‘sustainability credentials’ to support the way we work. We’re also proud to offer permanent and seasonal employment opportunities within the local area rewarding our team with the Real Living Wage.

Our community

We are grateful to our local visitors and respond by supporting community events and businesses. Our social media platforms also allow us to continue to engage with those who follow us and provide relevant information for future visitors.

Our environment

Set in the beautiful Perthshire heartland, we are respectful of our surroundings and to give nature a helping hand we’ve introduced swift and bat boxes and a wild garden for busy bees to thrive. To find out more about how we support biodiversity in our area, take a look at the nature section of our exhibition.

Our building

Energy efficiency was top of the list when our building was constructed, topped off with LED lighting and a 100% Green Energy tariff. We promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and keep our water use to a minimum. We also advocate the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our suppliers

Since opening in 2017 we have championed many small businesses to supply locally sourced products for our café and gift shop

Our travel

We’re all about reducing our carbon footprint and encourage our visitors to use our bike racks, walking routes within the local area and other means of sustainable travel.


We are committed to continually reviewing and monitoring our obligations across all aspects of sustainability including the environment, social responsibility, and equal opportunity.

If you have any feedback/comments please email us at [email protected] or ask a member of staff for a feedback form.